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Who was Just Nuisance?


Just Nuisance was a salty old sea dog, Great Dane specifically, who was inducted into the Royal Navy and promoted to the rank of Able Seaman during World War II. He was stationed at Simon's Town, on the southern coast of South Africa, at the naval resupply and layover base. He forced his way into the hearts of the sailors who stopped over and did his best to look after them. His story is told here and in a new book by author Sherri Rowe. Just Nuisance has made it to the small screen before, but now his story is to be told on the big screen, and Caldygate's very own Argo is to play Just Nuisance. Argo is already putting on airs, and we expect him to be a full blown prima donna by the time shooting starts. It is not his first time on screen and he feels all the attention is only his due. Come back soon for more photos of Argo.

Argo standing

                             Argo gets to grips with his role, trying to understand Just Nuisance's motivation.


The V&A Waterfront was the location for the second book signing for the new book by Sherri Rowe. Argo and his sister Jazz provided the furry backdrop of reality for the signing. At least until they got bored and wondered off.

Argo's star is rising


We are very proud that Argo was able to convince the studio of his star power, but will let the news speak for itself - from the Sunday Times:

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