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How do I get one of these gorgeous Dachsie puppies?



Our puppies are gorgeous, which means that they are in high demand. We put a lot of effort into our puppies' development and want to send them to the right homes. We match the character of the puppy to the home they are going to, which means that if the temperaments of the puppies in the current litter do not match your household, you will need to wait for the next litter.


If you would like to receive litter news, you will need to provide details of your family and household and be prepared for your grounds to be scrutinised. Our little escape artists are quite capable of fitting through a hole you never thought would be big enough. Even if they used grease.


If you are willing to submit yourself to scrutiny, please send Gosia an email and we will reply. Bringing a wire haired dachsie into your home is a life changing event. The little clowns will steal your heart and put you off all other breeds. We believe it is an honour to look after one and expect prospective owners to feel the same.


If you are not in the Western Cape, we can arrange transport to the nearest delivery point via reliable animal transporters, for the additional cost of their services.


Our puppies are sold as pets and are not for breeding. They must be neutered or spayed.

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