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​Linka (r), Ptys (r), Tufka (r), Indiana (r), Rurka (r) and Patience

Ptys (pronounced Ptish) – Strike a Pose Diervilla (retired)

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Ptys is a large, strong boy who loves his toys. He makes it clear whose toy it is, even staring down the Great Danes with whom he shares his home. Far more relaxed than Linka, Ptys goes where Linka goes and does what she does, or watches from close by. A very friendly dog, he loves human company and especially the company of children. No ball is too much effort to fetch and no scratch is too hard to work for.

Ptys also comes from a long line of European Champions, emphasising his ability and instincts to hunt. His wild boar coat will pass on to his pups, with brown legs, light brown paws and dark brown torso.

Rurka interested in what you have to say
Rurka pondering life
Unimpressed Rurka after a trim
Rurka turning on the charm

Rurka (pronounced Roerka) – Landrynka Brzdoc (retired)

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Rurka is the tiny half sister of Tufka. Her mouth more than makes up for her size though. She is not keen on new people, but is incredbily loving of her family. She is very capable of turning on the charm when angling for a scratch or 30 minutes. Rurka is a passionate gardener who is dumbfounded when mommy does not appreciate all her hard work.

She is the first awake to do her morning check on every corner of the garden to make sure nothing has been stolen. Later in the day she likes to hop over the grass hunting for the tastiest blade.

Puppy Patience
Patience fascinated by the sea
Patience watching the sea
Patience in a rare moment of patience

Patience – Athena of Rosemsha (Active)

Patience is the last puppy of Tufka and Ptys, the first Rosemsha girl we have kept to continue Tufka's line. She cannot run out of licks and hugs when she sees you. Also known to dive straight into your head in enthusiasm, everyone and everything is a target for her happiness. Patience has been known to look straight through you when you have food in your hand and needs to be refereed at dinner time. Always keen to play, she has no problem leaping into her Great Dane brother's mouth, she is cutest when asleep.


Tufka (pronounced Toefka) - Kaninchen size – Pochahontas Brzdac (retired)

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Move over Linka, you have some competition for cutest dog in the world. Tufka does not have Linka's manic energy, but she loves life. She is the herder of unattended shoes, running off with the shoe with a look of absolute delight on her little face. How can you be angry with her when she just wants to lie on the shoe? She prefers to lie on your feet, but when you are not around a shoe will do. She surrenders to all the bigger dogs at the smallest slight, but that does not mean she gives up. Turn your back and find a tiny set of teeth in your tail or heel. After a rocky start, Tufka and Linka have become great friends, sharing food, bed and taunting the bigger dogs.


Linka – Ghana Kerberos at Caldygate (retired)

PRA-crd1: Clear

If we could bottle whatever it is that turns Linka's food into Linka's energy, we would solve the world's energy requirements. A voracious hunger for new sights and sounds (and making sure the old ones are still there) keep Linka on the move until she collapses at night. She has a cheery personality and her Womble like face make for a comely dachshund. Straight off the plane from Poland, she was climbing all over the Great Danes to make friends and explain that there was a new alpha dog in the house.

Linka comes from a proud line of champions and her behaviour is what should be expected from a hunting dog. Energetic, fast, curious, intelligent and assertive. Her parents were red and wild boar, while Linka has a wheaten coloured coat. A petite female dachshund, her daughters should also be small and her sons carrying the unmistakable proud physique of a male dachshund.

Indiana Jones (retired)
Indiana is the son of Linka and Ptys. He lives in the loving home of Rene, but is co-owned by Rosemsha.
Indiana stacked
More photos of Linka and Ptys
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